L’AMTM present in Bellac, « Telethon City » 2016

The Association for the World Championship of Sheep Shearing (AMTM) carries values of solidarity and territory’s highlights. It’s naturally that she answered to the call of the french city, Bellac, for an unique challenge as part of the Telethon 2016: beat the record, front of the city hall, in live on the french television, France 2, Saturday 2nd December 2016, between 14.20pm and 15.20pm !

The Telethon, an inescapable event

The Telethon is a major event of the end of the year in the French’s life.  Since 1987, generosity is always put in front the first week-end of December thanks to the father of two sick children. At the time, the family convinces Chanel 2 to organize a televisual marathon in France as was done in USA since 1966. Today, next to started and structured the research, 2000’s marked a turning point to the medical revolution and the firsts treatments.
An unique challenge, a first in France
Contact at the begin of the year by the city of Bellac to participate to the Telethon, AMTM has immediately accepted the proposal. In this way, the Telethon Comitee decided to integrate this challenge in the top 10 of the 100 “Telethon City”.
The AMTM will aim a potential record with the participation of two professionals: the shearing of two sheep in one minute. If they succeed this performance, Julien Dincq (a young shearer) and Christophe Ruffaud (AMTM’s president) will realize an exploit because, normally, it’s need one minute to shear just one sheep. A first in France!
Moreover, a selling of T-shirt will be organized and the benefits will be totally refunded to the Telethon.
The choice of the host country in 2017
The final decision of the choice between North Ireland and France will be given the 8th February 2017 during the World Championships in New-Zealand. But the AMTM is already very active and mobilize.
The budget of 50.000 €, essential to approve the candidacy of the Dorat, has been reached thanks to the investment of the shareholders (publics and privates).
As New-Zealand, the community of communes, the Basse-Marche, where is located the city of Le Dorat, count almost ten times more of sheep than habitant to the km².
If she’s chosen, the city will have to gather a budget of 600.000 € to organize this international competition.
The world championship 2019, it’s now !
The Haute Vienne is regularly described as an old territory, with a slow economic development. Christophe Riffaud wants to fight the received ideas: «This candidature for the World Championship 2019 is a real mean to speak about the region positively. Everybody support the project, even people who aren’t in the agriculture sector”. Excellence, dynamism, solidarity are the watchwords evoked, by the AMTM, about the organization of the competition, which will have an impact beyond the large region Nouvelle Aquitaine.
Very visual, crossroad of gatherings between professionals and general public, mediatized at the international level, this event will attract new sponsors which will be seduce by the recovery of all the French sheep sector.
Therefore, from the Paris International Agricultural Show, in March, to the Agriculture Summit of Clermont-Ferrand in October, AMTM promote his objectives across around tens events, in France, in 2016.
The association knows the issue for the rural area that surrounds her and wants to take advantage of the unique chance offered by the Telethon to develop, one more time, the fad already created. “The World Championship of Sheep Shearing would be a first. We want to make this event unforgettable for the Frenches and strangers who will come”, conclude Christophe Riffaud.

Press Contact : Phoebus Communication / Marie-Luce Bozom – 06 15 15 63 20 – phoebus-communication@orange.fr

Association pour le Mondial de Tonte de Moutons : Les gaudinottes 87210 LE DORAT – 06 74 52 07 94 – asso.amtm@gmail.com


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