“Sheep shearers participating on Friday (June 8) in the “24 Heures de la Tonte” competition in France attempted to shear more than 2,000 sheep in 24 straight hours.

The competition started on Friday at 6 p.m. local time (1600 GMT), with two teams of three shearers competing to see who can gather the most wool in one day, and the joint goal of setting a world record in team sheep shearing.

Competitors will attempt to shave a total of 2,500 sheep by the contest’s end, meaning they would have 50 seconds to shear each sheep.

The event, which is held at the western French city of Coulonges, will end on Saturday (June 9) at 6 p.m. local time (1600 GMT).

Aiming to popularize sheep shearing as a sport, organizer the World Association for Sheep Shearing, has staged similar events since 2015 and will hold the first world sheep shearing championship event in Le Dorat, France in July 2019.”

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